Customization madness

Hello there, fellow reader.

You most likely wonder why I put so radically different statements next to each other. Let me explain. I really love customization. Everyone does after they feel comfortable working in an environment they are working in. Customization is good and can greatly benefit our work. It can make us feel unique about ourselves.

You may ask:

Why do you use basic black on white template for your blog?

Why won’t you use some cool custom domain?

Why won’t you use some fancy X?

Customization is a huge time drain. Personally, I can spend hours and hours tweaking every single tool I’m using. It’s really tiring to start working on the 15-minutes task and waste few hours after you find some cool extension that helps you save few minutes of typing. Writing an extensible script for formatting some 50-line CSV document? Hook me up, it’s not like I have work to do. This blog would suffer the same fate if I’d start tweaking it. It wouldn’t even be online since style would need some little changes, I would debate with myself over what domain I should use and so on. There is a lot of things that can be done better.

And the worst part is that act of improving your tool was much more entertaining than doing that repetitive and boring task. Anything that occupies your mind and allows to do something creative is.

I fight with this by using tools that have the basic functionality I need for work. Not IDE, not barebones editors with nice plugin API. If I’m improving something at work I do so with timer, very strict rules and awareness of the plan for the day. So far it works quite well, fighting with customization addiction is successful.

I find my view on customization insanity a bit ironic given I create a tool to help you customize your environment. What do you think about customization, dear reader?