Thoughts after 4developers

Hello there, fellow reader.

4developers was overly great. I’ve been on some very cool conferences and I’ve met great people from devspl Slack. I’ll summarize every lecture worth mentioning and will end this post with my overall feelings about the whole event.

Elixir of love by Jakub Gutkowski

One of my favorite lecture in the whole event. Jakub described basics of Elixir very well and made me very interested in that language, I seriously consider it to be my next to-learn language after Elm. There was also few words about Erlang (yet another language that is very interesting to me) and how well designed it is compared to almost any other solution on the market. Another thing I liked was humor of the whole lecture - it was light and cheerful.

5 architectures of asynchronous JavaScript by Tomasz Ducin

Lecture by Tomasz described every way to perform asynchronous actions in JavaScript. It wasn’t bad but too basic for 2/3 of its length for me. People who are new with JavaScript and even concept of asynchronous and synchronous programming would find this lecture more interesting than me.

Browsers behind your back by Phil Nash

Web browsers can do really interesting things nowadays. Phil showed us just a few of things you are able to do using native Chrome API. In his major example, he created service for sending SMS messages as a gateway that will work even if you try to send while being offline and coming back online after a while. With no additional interaction needed. It was really cool to see how browser took care and performed logic that sent data after the certain condition was met.

Architecture antipatterns and how to beat them by Łukasz Szydło

Sadly I was only on part II of Łukasz presentation but it still gave me some really meaningful concepts. Every bad concept (or rather its symptom) was presented as illness in really creative way alongside with causes and possible ways to fix it. Luckily for me, part II was about breaking monolith in a way that doesn’t make it very hard to test and maintain which was most interesting for me. It took very common pattern and “rotated” it making connection point in place that holds all interfaces and making it being dependency for all modules.

I also attened talk about neural networks in TensorFlow by Krzysztof Sopyła but I won’t summarize it yet before I try concepts he showed on my own.

Overall I’m very happy with event and possibility to meet people I only knew from the internet it created. The only thing that was bad and many people will agree with me was launch, it was kind of cheap stew in a stinky plastic tray.