Oh my zsh! It's so good!

Hello there, fellow reader.

When we talk about Linux we think about command line tools such as git, vim, grep, rsync, less… and of course bash. Who wouldn’t know bash? It’s THE shell you use in your terminal. Or is it? There are some cool alternatives you can use like fish or zsh.

Today I’ll be talking about zsh (as you probably know after you’ve entered this blogpost) and some of its cool functionality that can make your life easier.

But first I’m going to explain what zsh is. Z shell is powerful shell meant to be used interactively. It’s also fully functional scripting language. Zsh is mostly compatible with bash, so any eventual switch should be painless.

Cool features, what about them?

Right, I wanted to talk about cool things zsh can do for you. I’ll start with my favorite.

Great autocomplete

Go where you want, press TAB twice and it displays everything that matches your prompt in form of nicely formated table with a clear distinction between directories and files. And you can type TAB and arrows to move through the options!

$ vim /etc/nginx/
fastcgi.conf    koi-utf         nginx.conf      uwsgi_params  
fastcgi_params  koi-win         scgi_params     win-utf       
global/         mime.types      sites/                        

The other cool feature is another type of fancy autocomplete. It let you type just a part of the path and it (in most cases) resolves to correct file after you TAB it.

You can type:

$ vim /e/ng/n.co

And after tab it becomes:

$ vim /etc/nginx/nginx.conf 

Spelling correction

If you type fast you most likely make mistakes. It’s very tiring to go over your previous command to the beginning if you made some stupid mistake. In zsh you can fix it instantaneously.

$ vin /etc/ssh/ssh_config 
zsh: correct 'vin' to 'vim' [nyae]? 

Command history

Zsh has some really cool command history. Not only it works in more than one terminal instance simultaneously preventing you from losing parts of your work history like in bash but also it allows to easily go back to command you’re looking for. Did you execute some sick grep search 100 commands ago? No worries, you don’t have to go that back all on your own. You just type gre and go back to any previous commands staring with “gre” with your arrow key.

Oh my zsh!

And lastly I have to thank oh my zsh for making switch not only painless and fun but also glorious. In the instant I have access to awesome git tools, autocomplete and branch info in my prompt but also I have access to many, many themes that are easy to install and modify.

I really recommend trying zsh out. You won’t regret it.