i3wm config generator - project roadmap

Hello there, fellow reader.

I’m taking part in DSP2017 (link in polish) competition and project I’m making for it is web configurator for i3wm written entirely in elm language.

Why this project? It’s simple. I’m fan of linux and customizability it gives to you. I can spend hours customizing and tweaking my environement. But changing config and doing reload is something I don’t really like. It makes tweaking my WM clunky and slow. That’s why I want to create something that will allow me to choose colors with live preview. I hope at least one person other than me will find this project useful, at least once.

Why elm? Initially I wanted to use React+Redux but I thought it would be too easy. Elm seems to be really interesting language after few presentations that I attended in Wroclaw recently. And it’s first functional language I’ll be using. It’ll be fun.

As for my project, here is roadmap I’ll try to stick to:

  1. Panel for adding tiles next to each other
  2. Color picker for borders, backgrounds and tile header text
  3. Saving colors as config
  4. Ability to split tile and make it possible to add more in that space
  5. Ability to add image as tile content
  6. Changing “desktop” background
  7. Importing colors from existing config values

Project source and preview is available on my github.

If you don’t know what i3wm is head to i3wm website and /r/unixporn